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Can you please check if the following statements are correct? Thank you.
1.Antony uses a rhetoric language.
2.He makes a comparison (draws a parallel) between his uncle and his father.
3.Hamlet refers to Claudius as a pickpocket of the Empire since he took the crown and put it in his pocket.
4.The Vice was usually represented as a clown. He wore the traditional dress made of different coloured scraps of cloth.
5.Hamlet isn’t sure if his uncle really killed his father. (instead of the usual: he wonders whether Claudius killed his father or not.)
6.Brutus compares political power to a series of images: to an adder, that is a poisonous snake, than to a sting, which may cause danger and eventually, to an ambitious man climbing a ladder. (Is it correct to use the colon to introduce a list of items?)
7.Claudius behaves like (or as ?) a king who apparently takes care of his people though he is just a murderer.
8.Try to make your last three clauses into three separate sentences (?)
9.Your last three clauses are obscure and needs to be rewritten (or reformulated?)
10.Antony doesn’t believe in Brutus’s speech (?) and he charges (?) Brutus to have killed Caesar to get the crowd’s approval. (??)

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    1. I don't know what "a rhetoric language" is, sorry. =(

    2 and 5 -- Dump the parentheses stuff.

    6. Use of the colon here is correct. Shouldn't "than" be "then"? Use semicolons to separate the items in the series, since each item also has a comma in it.

    7. like

    9. "need" not "needs" (plural subject)

    10. Antony doesn't believe Brutus's speech, and he charges that Brutus killed Caesar to get the crowd's approval.

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