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Thank you very much for your last suggestions! Can you check these last statements of the day, please?
Thank you
1) The mirror is a recurrent theme in the poetry of the American poetess Sylvia Plath. Describe its characteristics, qualities and symbolic meaning with reference to her poem "Mirror"(1961).
2) The wind is an important source of imagery in Emily Dickinson's poetry. Refer to her description of the wind and to the feeling its appearance and parting (?)arouses in her (??)
3)Give a definition of a character, refer then to how he can be presented in a story and to the roles he may assume (?) (refer to the methods of his presentations and to his roles in the narrative text?)
4) Who is the narrator of a story? Outline the different types of narrator you can encounter (or when reading a narrative text??) in a narrative text.
5) What image does Eliot convey of the modern town in the first two parts of his poem "Preludes"? What figures of speech does he make use of when referring to human beings?
6) Define 5 figures of speech at your choice providing examples on (?) their use.

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    1 and 2 are fine. You can use "departure" in place of "parting" if you wish.

    3. Put a semi-colon after "character" instead of a comma. These are two complete sentences. Period after "assume". The first sentence is better than the second. Remember fewer words, more clarity.

    4. "types of narrator one may find in a narrative text".

    5. fine
    6. Define any 5 figures of speech; provide examples of their use.

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