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Please help me on these questions:

3. The soil of much of the steppe region of Northern Eurasia is
a. very fertile and productive.
b. lacking in minerals and unproductive
c. too cold to produce much food
d. heavily fertilized with chemicals to make it marginally productive

I'm pretty sure it's not B or C. I'm stuck between the other two.

6. Which of the following is NOT a challenge that Russia must overcome in developing its resources?
a. extracting resources from remote and rugged locations
b. preserving the fragile natural environment
c. eliminating trade barriers between Soviet republics
d. building means to transport resources to industrial centers

I'm not sure if it's B or C

7. Why was it difficult to obtain such goods as clothing and food in the Soviet Union under Stalin?
a. The state wanted to keep the standard of living low
b. The resources to make such goods were not available
c. Because of higher salaries, most soviets preferred to work in industry
d. Stalin's policies made production of consumer goods a low priority


8. What is the greatest source of conflict between Armenia dn Azerbaijan?
a. conflicting nationalistic feelings
b. uneven distribution of oil resrves
c. different levels of industrialization
d. offshore fishing rights

it's not b or c. I think it's A

10. Which of the following would be the most important factor in evaluating the accuracty of a report on Russia's economy?
a. the nationality of the author
b. the ocnlcusions the author reached about the economy
c. the evidence the author used to support the conclusions
d. the inclusion of historical comparisons with the economies of other countires

I don't even get this quetsion.

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