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what wud have been another really good Canadian song sung at the Olympics?

Is this one good:
Sarah Mclachlan: I will remember you

I have to add as well, why I think it is good. I think that this song is good because it has a lot of deep feel in it and it's quite sad. It is a good song to listen to and have a glance at your past.

If you like this song as well, then can you please tell me why. I haven't actually listened to this song; I just found the lyrics to it today and thought that they were sad and all. Your help will be appreciated, thanks :-)

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    I don't see how these lyrics represent either Canada or the Olympics.

    Check some of these songs.


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    Ms. Sue would this one be good? :God Bless You Canada

    Which one is your favourite?
    I wish I had a favourite, but I haven't really heard that much of these.

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    I like this one better.


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    I just went on Youtube and heard it, it is good.

    I'll tell you why I like it: I like it because it just seems to spread peace and love around, especially in my mind. It is really ravishing.

    Do you think same as me?

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    I agree. It seems the best song I've seen to describe Canada.

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    Could I also add that, Once you listen to it, you just can't stop .... I can't seem to think of a word to put at the end.

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    thinking about it?
    humming it?

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    yeah-thinking about it. Thanks. This is a good song to describe Canada.

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