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Social Studies (URGENT)

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Pleae help. It's urgent!

10. Why did many Native people start adapting to Victorian society?

a.) Was this the only way that things could have gone between the Natives and the colonists? Explain your response.

b.) Why didn't the settlers adapt to Native customs and traditions?

Can someone please help me #10? I can't seem to find the answer been searching for half an hour. I can probably answer part "a" myself if you help with #10.
And I need some help with part "b" as well.

Thanks. Help greatly appreciated.

  • Social Studies (URGENT) -

    umm u should google or go to ask .c o m
    i searched it it had the answer but i didn't understand it lol

  • Social Studies (URGENT) -

    I've searched in google but have not found the answers to my questions.


  • Social Studies (URGENT) -

    a) Of course not. Native Americans were treated much better in Canada, and many fled there if they could.

    b) Colonists did not sail to America to live in tents, forage for berries and hunt animals for food. Perhaps some did.

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