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how would i use "battre" in a sentence. does it mean to fight with someone- so you would use it with avec or does it meanlike someone beat a disease?

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    You can do various things with "battre" which means, as a transitive verb (takes an object): o beat; to clap (hands); to flap, flutter; to wink; to bang; to pound (the sidewak); to search; to shuffle (cards) and as an intransitive verb: to b eat and as a r eflexive verb to fight.

    Here are the forms in the Present Indicative Ten se: je bats, tu b ats, il bat, nous battons, vous battez, ils battent.

    Les garçons se battent = the boys fight, do fight, are fighting with each other.

    Je bats des mains = I clap, do clap, am clapping or applauding.

    Can you fight "with" someone, absolutely = nous nous battons avec les autres. = We fight, do fight, are fighting with the others.

    Sra (aka Mme)

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