mental health

posted by leah

i need to provide an example of how my own values and beliefs impact on my work with individuals experiencing mental illness

  1. Gabrielle

    This answer would vary depending on your actual values and beliefs. So I don't think we could help you.

  2. Ms. Sue

    If you have strong religious beliefs, you may have trouble empathisizing with a patient who's an atheist.

  3. bobpursley

    For years, I had difficulty working with people who suffered from depression: I veiwed it as a weakness, a choice, in them.

    Currently, I have great difficulty working with folks with personality disorders, such as antisocial; and immature disorders.

    Is this a result of my WASP upbringing? Perhaps. Is it a result of my career in the military, where I was shielded from these folks? Perhaps.

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