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I am going to write an article about a semi-famous person. I won't be able to personally interview this person, so all of the information for my article will have to come from other sources. I realize that I will have to give credit to these sources with in-text citations and a sources cited list at the end of the article. Do I have to credit a source that provides general facts about this person? Things like date of birth, birth place, names of relatives, etc? Are facts treated like other information that must be cited? Also, what style book do you follow for article writing? This is an article that will be published in a local monthly magazine. Would I use AP style or MLA? Neither of these really seem to fit my purpose. I would appreciate any help. Thanks

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    This is probably the most complete website I've seen that will give you instructions about what and how to quote and cite sources (see the link to Plagiarism* in the left-hand column, as well as CITING SOURCES). MLA or APA will work; what has your teacher assigned?

    This site -- http://www.ipl.org/div/aplus/ -- is excellent in teaching you how to research (info search), how to plan before writing (step by step), etc.

    Let us know if you have specific questions.

    * The second paragraph here explains what is considered to be "common knowledge."

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    Sorry -- here's the link for the first website I referred to above:

    (Broken Link Removed)

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    http://www.apstylebook.com/ <~~not free ...

    ... but you can go to www.google.com and enter ap guidelines to find more information on a variety of websites.

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