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What's a good way to teach the word "Accolade" to the class. I have to make a prsentation that's less than 2 minutes, and teach my classmates the word so that it sticks. Any help???

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    Accolade means a sign of praise. You could pretend to be a knight and touch someone's shoulders with a sword. This is the ceremonial bestowal of a knighthood. This would be a pretty good sign of praise.

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    That's a good idea, Sara.

    Remember, Cecelia, you should write ACCOLADE on the board and say it several times during your presentation. At the end, ask the class to shower you with accolades by applauding.

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    Thanks Ms. Sue, glad you liked it :-)

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    I like yours as well :-)

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    Also, if you have colored chalk available, sometimes color coding what is more difficult to remember can "set" it in the mind's eye!


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