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This is the last question on the essay. The author of this essay is Shirley Whittington

Last question: Some people consider puns to be the lowest form of humour. What points does Whittington advance to suggest the respectabililty of puns? Do you agree with her views? Comment.

I need a better explanation of this question, can you please explain, thanks :-)

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    What did Whittington say that shows that she likes puns?

    What do you think about puns?


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    Ms. Sue, I am actually unable to understand some terms/words used in this essay, so It's kind of hard for me to actually figure out what Whittington thinks about puns. I don't really understand this sentence:

    Those who dote on puns vigilantly monitor conversation, listening less for sense than for a hook upon which to hang a word perversion.

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    That sentence means:

    People who like puns listen to conversations carefully. They want to find words that they can turn into puns.

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    So Whittington says that if conversations are listened carefully to, then humourous puns can be made easily. I think puns are cool, and can be humourous at times. Some puns can be mean as well, that is if they reflect on you, such as your personality, or appearance. I think that they can be humourous just naturally, to some they may, to some they may not. Same response for why I think they can be serious as well.

    Please add any other info, thanks

  • English-Ms. Sue -

    Good answer, Sara!

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