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--> In order to gain knowledge and prove your statement/point, you will have to do research. Research can be described in many ways such as through friends/family, and through experience and observation. To research , you must always have to have a topic on what you want to learn about and to do that several people research by collecting facts compiled (((bringing things together from certain areas))) by other people. Another way to gather info is to poll potential customers through phone, survey, and in person. Some researching is done in a chemistry lab for products such as creams, shampoo, and etc. While there are people who happens to learn things through their experience. For example, we wouldn’t know how fire feels unless we touch it, by touching it we learn how to avoid getting burn the next time. Producers often get ideas through people experience when making a product.

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    Just what IS your questio, or how may we help you?


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    Write a short analysis of the use of researching in your future industry; how do they gather or use research ie: types of projects, proposals, etc.

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