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Please help me with these three questions,they deal with coefficient of friction

1) A car rounds a turn of radius 25m at a speed of 20m/s. Find the coefficient of friction neccessary to keep the car on the road

2) A man is attempting to slide a piece of furniture weighing 750N long a floor. Ifhe exerts a force of 75N along a rope and angle of 35 degrees and the object does not move, what is the minimum value for te coeficient of friction?

3) Consider a block on a plane inclined at an angle of 30 degres. If the block weights 950N, what coefficient of friction is neccessary to hold it stationary?

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    1) set mv^2/r= mu*mg
    solve for mu

    2) the vertical component of tension reduces weight.

    friciton= mu*(mg-75sin35)
    horizontalforce= 75*cos35
    set them equal, solve for mu.
    3) I will be happy to critiqeu your thinking.

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    thanks for your time and help, but I do not know what mu stands for

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    mu: coefficent of friction.

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    I got 13 for number 1, am I wrong?

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