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I am STILL trying to find 3 poetic devices in the poem "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost:
Please advise if I am on the "right road" or could you put me on "the right path if I am wrong...

line 12 "In leaves no step had trodden black"--is imagery

line 19, 20 "I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference" -- is symbolism

line 1 " Two roads diverged in a yellow wood"-- is personification (can a road really diverge?)

Thank you for your help!!!

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    I agree with your take on line 12. I think there is no personification in line 1, but there is definitely imagery in there. Imagery is the poet's choice of language in order to create clear and vivid images in the reader's/listener's mind.

    There is irony in this poem, too, and that is more of what's reflected in lines 19 and 20.

    The example of symbolism in this poem is the road itself -- it's symbolizing the "road of life" or a person's "path through life."

    Go back to those links I've already given you and look up those terms so you're clear on them. Then find the examples in the lines.

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