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Can you help me check this paragraph?

1) An afternoon we were at my friend Paul’s house to do our homework. We usually do homework together, and we were surfing the net because we had to find information for a school research.
2) On the table there was a laptop computer and a vase with flowers. On the floor next to the table there was a basket. My friend’s dog was in the house and he was sleeping on the floor, but he woke up and jumped on the table.
3) He dropped out (?) the vase on the laptop (?), then he wanted to return on his pillow but when he was going down he dragged with him the laptop that fell down in the basket, the basket overturned and all the dustbin fell on the floor.
4) My mother was very angry with us because she couldn’t believe that a dog could do a thing like that and she said that we had to buy a new laptop using our savings.

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    1. One afternoon, or yesterday afternoon

    2. He knocked the vase onto the laptop; then when jumping back down onto his pillow, he dragged the laptop with him which then hit the basket which overturned spilling everything onto the floor.

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