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Can you check how I rephrased the poem "Leisure" by Davies? Thanks
1) The poet meditates upon the meaning of life and says that we (full of care?) don’t have time to admire the beauty of nature.
2) In particular, we don’t have time to stand under the trees (boughs) and look at the beautiful objects (?) of nature as sheep and cows do.
3) When passing through the woods, we have no time to pause to see the squirrels busy hiding their nuts in grass.
4) We don’t have time to see streams of clear water (?) glittering like skies at night (“ No time to see, in broad daylight, streams full of stars like skies at night”)
5) We don’t have no time to turn at Beauty's glance, and watch how her feet can dance (how can I rephrase this?)
6) We don't have time to wait for the smile in her eyes to become a smile on her mouth. ( "No time to wait till her mouth can enrich that smile her eyes began") Is the repetition of “no time” at the beginning of each line an “anaphora”?

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    Here's a definition of anaphora:

    It would be best to omit everything within parentheses. That is only confusing. Why rephrase #5?


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