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Identify and describe a range of transferable education skills.

Criteria #1: List 3 types of skills (Employability) and list examples of each type of skill and give examples of each specific skill.

I understand it wants me to l ist 3 types of employability skills, but it says

"list examples of each type of skill and give examples of each specific skill."

Isn't that redundant since it's asking the same thing? Or am I mistakening the meaning?

Thank you for your help.

  • Planning -

    No. types of skills is broader than specific skills

    Types of skills:
    1. Analysis.
    specific skills: getting the main idea. Understanding the social, economic, and technical implications. Formulating mathematical models for the process, with inputs, ouputs, and processes defined.
    Specific skills: able to define tasks, sequencing tasks, multitasking, and prioritizing. Ability to define resources required.
    3. Managing:
    specific skills: people skills (listening, directing, teaching, ..); and so on.

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