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I would like to know which of the following spellings are correct:
two grapefruits or grapefruit
two kiwis or two kiwifruits
Is the plural of fruit and kaki possible?
On the basis of your last correction, can you check the rephrasing of this line "Misers, menials, priests alarming" (we alarmed those who were stingy, menial and the priests?) Can you also say: We alarmed the stingy, the menial and the priests (by plundering cities)
Thanks a lot.

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    two grapefruit (the word "fruit" does not have a separate form for plural)

    two kiwifruit (same reason)

    What's "kaki"?

    The word "menial" is almost always used as an adjective. Even though the dictionary lists it as both an adj and a n, I've never heard it used as a noun before.

    So substitute "servant" or "slave" for it.

    How will you rewrite that sentence?

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    In certain parts of Europe persimmons are called "kaki".

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