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Choose one significant, current issue, and specifically connect that issue to Oedipus the King.

You will need to consider the following:
1)Take the political structure that we observe in Oedipus The King. Discuss how the socio-political heirarchy observed in Oedipus is reflected to our own.

2)How is the relationship between powerful/rich and the less powerful/working class/poor that we see in the play illuminated in your chosen issue?

3)Conclude with some discussion about these connections might matter to modern citizens, particularly in a democracy.

All I need help with is finding a topic/ issue that strongly connects with this assignment
please and thank you :)

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    What about #2 in connection with the Wall Street Rich and the jobless in today's society.

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    all 3 have to be related to 1 SPECIFIC issue--such as a current event, they can't be separate. That's just the breakdown

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    Oedipus was a king. The government was a monarchy. His sons should have inherited the throne after he died or abdicated, but instead his brother took the throne. (Which situation leads us to the play "Antigone.")

    You might think of a current monarchy in which ...

    1. ... the line of succession is (or shows signs of becoming) broken.

    2. ... a society in which the rich and the poor are at odds.

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