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11th grade psychology

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does anyone have a current event that i can some how make a psychological tie to ?

  • 11th grade psychology -

    Yes, what about the potential disaster with the airplane bomber?

  • 11th grade psychology -

    Havent there been some mass murders recently, and one attempt on an a landing aircraft? That mess at Ft. Hood sticks in my craw.
    Isn't most of the noise one hears over Fox News tied to psychological issues? It takes only a few minutes of listening to realize a lot of folks have deep psychological issues, and vultures are making big money on it (fears, prejudices, hate).

  • 11th grade psychology -

    Unfortunately, the media tends to emphasize the negative aspects of behavior. On the positive side, for example, you could link acts of anonymous philanthropy to altruism.

    All behaviors are linked to psychology. you need to decide what event you want to use for any particular psychological aspect. Your teacher wants you to see the links between the two.

    I hope this helps a little more.

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    does anyone know the ABCD's of medical malpractice?

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