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I need some help finding the net ionic equation for these two problems:

1. Bromine is added to a dilute solution of sodium hydroxide.

2. Sulfuric acid is added to a solution of lithium hydrogen carbonate.

This is what I have for reactants:

Br2 + NaOH and H2SO4 + LiHCO3.

I'm not sure about 1, since I don't think the rxn makes bromine hydroxide (activity series?)

And for 2, I thought it was a double replacement, isn't? Help plz?


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    I would write #1 as
    Br2 + 2NaOH ==> NaOBr + NaBr + H2O
    This is the balanced molecular equation.

    Now convert to ions using the following rules.
    solids written as molecules
    liquids written as molecules
    solutions written as ions unless they are weak electrolytes which are written as molecules.

    Br2 + 2Na^+ + 2OH^- ==> NaOBr + Na^+ + Br^-^- + H2O

    Now cancel ions common to both sides.
    1Na^+ can be canceled on each side.
    What is left is the net ionic equation.
    Br2 + Na^+ + 2OH^- ==>NaOBr + Br^- + H2O

    Check my thinking. Check my work.

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