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I don't get this question on my textbook. "List at least three ways Velazquez used space to intrigue the viewer in Las Meninas." I'm not too sure on how I describe the space.

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    Spacial Relationships.
    * Identify an object from a description of its position
    * Place an object to match a description of its position
    * Use positional words to describe location
    * Make pictures to illustrate positional words
    * Make a simple map
    * Draw a path, from starting point to destination
    * Identify the shape of a closed path
    * Compare lengths of paths

    Look at the spacial relationships, from back to front.
    Look at where light is focused and the size of the people there. Compare the size of the subjects of the artist who is paining with the size of his canvas. Compare the size of the dog with the subjects. Look at the back door, and the painting nearby.

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    This is one of the artists we studied extensively in Spanish IV/V AP/IB and here are some helpful sites:


    N.B. It is the artist himself reflected in the mirror in the background.

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