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i still don't get how do you divide
(3q cubed +q+6)/(q-2)
i also need help in...
the volume of a rectangular prism is
2x cubed + x -2. the height of the prism is 2x-1, and the length of the prism is x+2. find the width of the prism.

im confused

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    To answer your first question, you need to review polynomial long division. You will be left with a remainder.
    I got the answer to be
    3q^2 +6q +12 + [30/(q-2)]
    The term in brackets is the remainder

    For your second question, the answer will be the volume divided by the area of the side that you know, or
    (2x^3 +x -2)/(2x^2 +3x -3)
    This also results in a remainder term. The denominator is not a monomial factor of the numerator.

    The assigned you a pair of rather messy problems.

  • algebra -

    For a review/tutorial of what polynomial long division is all about, see

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