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Store A:6Pound Box For $4.95
Store B:10Pound Box For $8.50
Which is the unit price if the detergent at store A?

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    You don't need the data on store B to answer that question.
    Just divide $4.95 by 6 to get the unit price (price per pound) for store A. It happens to be less than the unit price for Store B.

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    Well I Got 0.82 Is I'm Right

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    Actually, the correct answer for Store B is 82 1/2 cents (or 0.825 dollars) per lb, not 82 cents.

    The correct question to ask would be
    "Am I right?", not "Is I'm Right". Your use of English grammar needs improvement.

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    Oky What Is The Unit Price Of The DeterGent At Store B

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    Is It 85 1/2

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    what is the cost of 3 1/2 pounds of bananas at 38 cents per pound?

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    I bought 2 pounds of broccoli at the grocery store.Broccoli costs 33 cents per pound. How much did I spend? example

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