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My birthdays are usually fun, but one year they may be extra special and the next, really boring. My sweet sixteen was amazing; it included my family and friends, tons of presents, an amazing dinner, and a delicious ice cream cake. My 17th on the other hand was dull.

The day I turned 16 was the most fun and exciting day of my life. I got great presents from my whole family, which included everything I wanted: a new purse, concert tickets, clothes from my favorite store, and a lot of jewelry. On my 17th birthday, I only got two presents from my friends and they were both stuffed animals. That was the start to a boring day.

Later on in the day of my sweet 16, after hanging out with my friends and having a good time at the movies, my parents took us all to dinner at my favorite restaurant, Olive Garden. I ordered my favorite pasta with their special sauce and my friends got the item of their choice. It was so much fun. On my 17th birthday, I had to eat leftovers since my parents were gone and I was babysitting my siblings, which are younger than my friends and I. I was disappointed that my mom didn’t even have time to make some fresh food for my birthday, let alone take us out.

After a wonderful dinner at Olive Garden, I came home to find a gigantic ice cream cake with my name written on it. I was delighted! Everyone dug in right away; the chocolate ice cream tasted heavenly and I couldn’t have been happier with my sweet 16. The cake I had on my 17th birthday was homemade by my siblings, who did work hard, but it wasn’t as good.

In conclusion, my 16th birthday was better than ever but my 17th was not how I expected it to be. Guess you can’t have it perfect every year!

Is this better?

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    Yes, better. It is a compare and contrast, and you did that.

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    thanks (:

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