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This is my last assignment in Creative Writing:

Choose ONE of the following topics for the Writing Project:

For Process Analysis:
(Note: Process Analysis is not recommended for developing a short story):
"How I Learned Responsibility"
"How to Make the Most of Your Home Computer"
"How to Host a Successful Party"
"How to Get Along With People"

For Cause and Effect:
Choose one of tehse topics for your Cause and Effect essay or short story:
"When Quick Thinking Saved the Day"
"How Working Hard Helped _____ (pick someone or yourself)to Succeed"
"The Effects of a Serious Mistake"

For Comparison and Contrast:
Choose one of these topics for your Comparison and Contrast essay or short story:
"My Two Closest Friends"
"Comparison of a Dream Job and a Drudge Job"
"The Tale of Two Very Different Birthdays"
"The Best and Worst Ways to Spend a Day Off"
"When I Am Good, I Am Very, Very Good; When I Am Bad, I Am Hard to Live With"

I want to choose Comparison and Contrast on "The Tale of Two Very Different Birthdays"

What should I do first?
i think freewriting about the two different birthdays first.

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    -16th birthday = very fun and exciting
    --got presents from my whole family
    --went out to eat dinner with my friends and family
    --had a wonderful cake at home

    -17th birthday = not very fun
    --dull and boring day
    --not many presents from my family and friends
    --home made small cake
    -didn’t go out to eat

    is this ok for freewriting?

    Now, what should I do next?

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    So you had a sweet sixteen, then started getting the old maid treatment, huh?

    You didn't say anything about who was at the parties? Different folks? If the same folks, did they act differently?

    Just exactly (I mean exactly) what does dull and boring mean? Was it just you that was dull and boring? What about the presents? Details. How where they different? Why?

    I am suggesting that you get somewhat definitive on the differences.

  • Creative Writing -

    yes, i will add details in the essay.

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