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In these addends, each letter represents a single digit. Find the numbers.
I don't know if I have to use any number in this problem to addition. Can you help me? thanks

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    start with T. Three of them make 8, or 18, which means T is 2 or 6.

    Notice next C. Three C is with carry, 15 or 25, which means three C is 24 (cant be 14, not divisile by 3), which means C is 8 and S is 1

    T=6, S=1, C=8 for now.
    If T is 6, then N is 7(three of them add to 21). Which means 3 E=9, or E=3.

    Lets check.

  • 4th grade -

    thank you for helping me.

  • 4th grade -

    Gianina if your on this school I know of called ACS Cobham International School than you in trouble.

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