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Physics- PLEASE!!

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A U-shaped tube is filled mostly with water, but some vegetable oil has been added to both sides of the U tube. On the right side of the tube, the depth of oil is 5.00 cm . On the left side of the tube, the depth of the oil is 2.30 cm. The density of the water is 1x10^3 , and the density of the vegetable oil is 9.2x10^2 .

Find the difference in fluid level between the two sides of the tube?

  • Physics- PLEASE!! -

    The weight of the tubes on each side is equal.

    On the right: 5cm oil, x cm of water.
    on the left: 2.3cm of oil, y cm of water.

    so difference in two sides is 5cm+x-2.3-y

    set the side weight equal...
    left = right
    A) 2.3cm*area*densityoil*g-y*area*densitywater*g = 5.0*area*densityoil*g+x*area*densitywater*g

    difference= 5.0+x-2.3-y
    difference=2.7 + (x-y)
    now, if you work out the equation A) above, you can solve for (x-y)
    Have fun.

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