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What is the pressure change in water going from a 3.0- cm-diameter pipe to a 1.8- cm-diameter pipe if the velocity in the smaller pipe is 3.0 m/s?

Im using the equation pv2^2(A2^2-A1^2)/2A1^2 and get (1000)(3)^2(1.8^2-3^20/(2(3)^2) and get -2880 Pa but I'm getting wrong? Thanks

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    I have no idea what you are doing.

    you want pstatic1-pstatic1
    So you need V2: Using the law of continuity,
    Area1*V1=area2*V2 or V2=V1(1.8/3.0)^2
    or V2=1.08m/s

    pressure difference=rho(V2^2-V1^2)/2
    check my thinking

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