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Measured along the surface of the water, a rectangular swimming pool has a length of 15.9 m. Along this length, the flat bottom of the pool slopes downward at an angle of 16.9 ° below the horizontal, from one end to the other. By how much does the pressure at the bottom of the deep end exceed the pressure at the bottom of the shallow end?

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    The difference in height is 15.9sin16.9

    pressure difference=density*heightdifference*9.8N/kg

    density needs to be in kg/m^3

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    by .483kg/

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    tan16.9 = h/15.9, h = .3038x15.9 = 4.831m
    P=w.h 1000kg/cu.m x 4.831m x 9.81=4831N/sq.m

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