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ok. so i found out that there is also an artistic scholarship program in the private college that i applied to. ONe of the helpers told me that if I send in a written portfolio, one of my best works, to the counselor, then they will decide if I can qualify for the artistic scholarship.
THe writing can be any type and about anything.
Maximum 15-double spaced pages. recommended atleast 10 pages.

i want to do either a research paper, or a short story. I think short story will be better because I might be able to write 10 pages about it.

Ofcourse it will have to be really nicely written and get their interest.

And that is something I can't do!!
please help me. What type of writing should I do. If I do short story, what are some interesting topics I can write about. It can be either fiction or non fiction. I have until feb 15 (latest) so I have a good amount of time to work on it.

thanks guys

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    Here's my advice. Short-story writing takes creativity and skill. (I know because I took a correspondence in short-story writing many years ago, and I didn't finish it. I didn't have the talent or the desire or the creativity to write a decent story.)

    I suggest you write a research paper. Dozens of pages can be written in a well-planned and well-researched paper.

    Study these sites for topic suggestions.

    You might want to do something in history, like the U.S. battles in the Pacific in WWII, history of Islam, ancient Greek art.

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    You wrote:

    "And that is something I can't do!!"

    If "that" is something you "can't do," then scrap that idea, as Ms. Sue has told you. You should not submit something you cannot do well on your own. At some point, you'll have to perform on your own, possibly under a timed situation, and then you'd bomb out! Better to do something you KNOW you're good at and can do well on your own. Independence and self-motivation in your own learning will become more and more important as time goes on.

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    Amen, Writeacher!!!

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    ok. thanks guys. research paper it is.

    i think in either 10th or 11th grade in history i had to write a paper on Prophet Mohammad and his teachings or something like that and I got a really good grade on it because it was a research paper and I had done my research well.

    I'm going to see if I can find that, hopefully. Then I will add to it..add a lot to it because I think it's probably only 2 pages.

    The reason i was thinking about a story is because I thought it would be more appropriate and interesting for an art school. I don't know how much my research paper will intereste them, but since they said I can do it, then I will.

    tahnks again, I hope I find that paper.

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