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Does (-7/4i-1) symplify to be -7(1+4i)/18

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    Not quite. Your parenthese seem to be in the wrong place, and your math is wrong.

    -7/(4i-1)= -7(4i+1)/[(4i+1)(4i-1)]
    = -7(4i +1)/(-17)
    = (7/17)(1+4i)

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    These are complex numbers by the way.

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    why is the 1+4i on the side of the fraction and not on the top with the 7

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    (7/17)(1+4i) is the same as 7(1+4i)/17.

    I too think it is simpler to write it as DRWS did, where the numeric fraction precedes the algebraic part.

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    is (7/17)-(28/17i) the same thing

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    "is (7/17)-(28/17i) the same thing "

    No it is not.
    =(7/17)*1 + (7/17)*4i
    =(7/17) + 28i/17
    But this is not a simplified version.

    In any case the object is to remove the "i" from denominator, or "rationalizing the denominator". Some teachers may consider it incomplete if square-root signs or "i" appear in the denominator.

    The reason that the numerator and denominator were multiplied by (1+4i) was to create the product (1+4i)*(1-4i)=-17 in the denominator, thereby rationalizing it.

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