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e) Adjust the amplitude control of the function generator until the signal has a 6V peak-to-peak swing. The resultant form will have the following mathematical equation:
v = Vm sin2(pi)ft = 3sing2(pi)500t

f) The sinusoidal signal 3sin2(pi)500t has an effective value determined by:
Veff = 0.707(3V) = 2.121V

Connect the DMM directly across the function generator in the ac rms mode and adjust the oscilloscope output until Veff = 2.121V. Then connect the output of the function generator directly to the scope and note the total peak-to-peak. Is the waveform the same as that obtained in part (e)? Explain.

Can someone pls tell me whether they should be the same or dfferent? Thanks!

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    They should be the same, if the input impedance of the Oscilloscope and DMM are very high.

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