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College Algebra

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(I am not understanding what the last person means so can someone please explain to me)

3. You recently started the paperwork to purchase your new home, and you were just notified that you can move into the house in 2 weeks. You decide to hire a moving company, but are unsure which company to choose. You search online and are interested in contacting two companies, Heavy Lifters and Quick Move, to discuss their rates. Heavy Lifting charges an $80 fee plus $35 per hour. Quick Move charges $55 per hour with no additional fees.

a) Which mover provides a better deal for 2 hours of work? How did you arrive at your answer?
Quick Move has the better deal. I arrived at this by doing $55(2)+0=$110 for Quick Move and $35(2)+$80=$150 for Heavy Lifters. So you can see that Quick Move is a better deal
b) Which mover provides a better deal for 15 hours of work? How did you arrive at your answer?
Heavy Lifters is a better deal. I arrived at this by doing $35(15)+$80=$605 for Heavy Lifters and $55(15)+0=$825 for Quick Move. So Heavy Lifters is the better deal.
c) For what values h (hours) does Quick Move offer the better deal? Express your answer as an inequality. Explain how you reached your answer.

Algebra - LeAnn/I still need help, Wednesday, November 18, 2009 at 12:01am
I still need help with this please

Algebra - bobpursley, Wednesday, November 18, 2009 at 9:42am
Still need help? You are unlikely to get prompt responses in the middle of the night. Sorry.

Algebra - drwls, Wednesday, November 18, 2009 at 10:03am
For (c), set the two costs equal to each other and solve for the number of hours, h. For h less than that amount, Quick Move will cost less.

It could also be set up an as inequality (with QuickMove's cost being less) and solved

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    quickmove<Heavy lifters
    subtract 35h from each side
    divide each side by 20
    so for time less than 4 hours, quick move is the best

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    Thank you very much. I'm not doing very good understanding this algebra right now so I will definately have other questions tonight. I'm working on getting a tutor here in my town because right after this class is over Sunday, I go into Algebra two.

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    You are not ready for algebra II. You need a tutor quickly.

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    I know I'm not ready for Algebra 2 but I've already talked to my academic councelor and she says there is nothing she can do. I was suppose to be put into a MATH115 class first then MATH116 then MATH117 but that is not the way it went. I was and am not the only student having these issues. Many of the students in my class are in the same boat I am

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