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What is Mendel's point of view on evolution?

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  • Gregor Mendel -

    Mendel was a Monk, wasn't he? As Malthus was an Anglican Priest?

    Both were interested in science,and taught science. We should view them on perspective (Point of view) based on what they observed and concluded at the TIME they lived. They could not know of future discoveries, or future knowledge.

    Mendel worked and wrote on the mechanisms of heredity,he believed that there were particles that carried traits in the plant that regulated specific things. He had studied Darwin, but disagreed with Darwins "blending" theory, that traits were blended. Darwin never knew of Mendel's work.
    So what was Mendel's point of view on evolution? Mendel studied and developed rules and conclusion on inheritance of traits. He presented his paper after reading Darwin,but he did not support, or opposed the theory of Natural Selection, which many see as a core of Evolution.
    This is really good reading if you are interested in facts:
    If you want more,it has good references. A lot of "church theology" has been written trying "explain" Mendels work in view of church teachings.

  • Gregor Mendel -

    thank you,
    is there any information based on what mendel's beliefs were on earth's history?

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