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de Broglie Wavelength

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The presence of oxygen atoms on the surface results in auger electrons with a kinetic energy of approximately 505 eV.

What is the de Broglie wavelength of this electron?
[KE= (1/2)mv^2; 1 electron volt (eV) = 1.602*10^-19 J]

  • de Broglie Wavelength -

    p= sqrt (KE*m*2)
    = sqrt(505*1.602E-19*9.11E-31*2)

    lambda= plancks constant/p

  • de Broglie Wavelength -

    What is the wavelength (in meters) of a proton ({\rm{mass}} = 1.673 \times 10^{ - 24} {\rm g}) that has been accelerated to 28% of the speed of light?

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