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were are administrative documents like the living will placed in a patients medical record?
I have researched this question and can not find the answer. Where in the patients medical records would u place documents like the living will, health care proxy, DNR order, Power of attornet and other legal documentation?

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    I would only place copies of these documents in the medical record, the patient, his attorney, or family should maintain the original copies. After all, any patient has several medical records (hospital, each doctor provider), why would anyone put the original in any one record. DNR orders are usually hosptial stay specific, but think: what if the person is at home after the hospital stay, and "dies" at home? Paramedics arrive. Any DNR ought to be maintained by the legal family representative, not by some hospital the patient was in some time ago.
    So for medical records, copies only, originals to be maintained outside the medical record. I can see some hospital administrators flinch at my suggestion.

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    The original of the power of attorney is kept with a solicitor. A certified copy would be with any medical records, although usually a summary sheet contains contact details for who has power of attorney rather than the file containing the document.

    A variation on the living will is a tattoo of DNR on the chest of the patient.

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    I mean were in the record are they placed? adimn. area or clinical or what?

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    hello i am in need of help i see someone else have ask the question but no answer: will i have the same issue my assignment is for the nurse midwife's proctorship form, list the procedures that will be reviewed by using privilege specific to the nurse midwife, which can be find on CNM's web site and in addition to the privilege include items that are specific to the JC's six competency
    my teacher said the form should have benchmark numbers, triggers, procedures that are going to be monitored. i just need someone to help me get it started and i will finish it i am really having a hard time with this i do not want anyone to do the whole assignment just help get me started i have been working on this for four days and still do not get it.

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