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Physics Gr11 Light Unit - Blind spot

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We are doing an experiment measuring the diameter of your blind spot.

(1)Why is it normally impossible for a person to completely lose sight of something in their blind spots?

(2)Can you think of a situation where a person might actually lose sight of an object in their blind spot?

  • Physics Gr11 Light Unit - Blind spot -

    This may be wrong- i havent taken phisics yet, but it makes some sense- because a blind spot is relativelly small it would be difficult to completely lose sight of an object because of the size difference, and also a persons eyes are constantly moving. For number two i would say that it would be rare, but while reading it would be possiable to not be able to seeevery latter, but because of the way the brain prosesses english, the reader wouldnt even notice. I hope this helped at least a little!

  • Physics Gr11 Light Unit - Blind spot -

    The blind spot is where there is no retina, it is where the nerves enter the eye.
    It is quite common when one of the eyes are restricted (blocked), the other eye will lose an object in the blind spot. If both eyes are working, the brain allows the seeing eye to fill in that spot (in the brain, not in the eye).

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