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'One of the special gifts of fiction is its ability to allow us to walk in someone else's shoes and learn through a character's experience. How did the short story Marigolds help you discover something new about yourself, other people, or life? Explain what you discovered and the reasons for your discovery. Be sure to describe how the development of character and theme enhanced what you learned.'

This story helped me discover what it was like for Lizabeth to lose her innocence; She said that after her marigolds incident, she looked beyond herself and into the depths of another person. That was the beginning of compassion, and one can not have both compassion and innocence. The experience of leaving innocence has happend to me as well, but not in the same way, so I can relate to her.

Is this answer alright?


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    a) How did the short something new about yourself..
    I don't see anything about yourself revealed.
    b) explain what you discovered and the reasons for your discovery..
    Again, I am not certain you have explained YOUR discovery. The second sentence (That was..) is a discovery, but I am not certain it is about YOUSELF.
    c)be certain to ...
    I am very uncertain that you did not discover anything about yourself.

    So, what I am suggesting, is that you open up a bit more about yourself, than focusing on Lizabeth. To me, that is the point of the assignment. Reread the assignment and your response to see if I am right.
    I get the distinct impression that what you wrote was about the story, not about yourself.

    Explain what you discovered...and the reasons for your discovery.

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    But quite honestly, I don't remember how I 'lost my innocence' or anything else that I discovered from the story...maybe forgivness? Since Ms.Lottie didn't say anything to her. Or compassion or something..I'm stuck!!


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    MC, Remember back to when you were 10,11,12. I know things happened in your life that you realized you were not a little girl, but a developing woman. I don't mean your body, I mean that you had to act like an adult, and accept responsibility, and consider the feelings of others. Innocence means you don't understand consequences, losing innocence means you understand, and accept the responsibility for your actions.
    I had a daughter that on a field trip to ... she was egged on to steal a ring at a gift shop. When all got back on the bus, her mom (a teacher, and field trip chaperone) spied the ring, and asked her where she got it. She confessed. Mom got all the kids off the bus, they went back inside, she had to give the ring back and apologize to the manager, all this in front of all her school chums.
    Well, this she now confesses was the time in her life she lost her innocence. The marigolds were dead, and gone. She had to accept responsibility for her deeds. She was in the fifth grade then.

    Good luck.

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    That's touching..I think I can think of an experience like that for myself.


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    MC when was the first time that you realized that you had done something to someone else that was harmful?... one can not "lose one's innocence" until one recognizes ones guilt. Today's young people in many cases are not allowed to recognize their own wrong-doing for fear that it might "dent their egos". This does not allow them to learn compassion and consideration.
    Liz has to recongnize that Lottie's tears are as bad as her father's tears and that she is as responsible for wrong doing as what hurt her father. Can you think of a time when you deliberately did something malicious that caused pain to someone else... thereby losing your "innocence"?

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    Um, yeah I think so...I understand what they're asking me for now.


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