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What's the step-by-step proccess to find the average? It's been years since I've been taught how to find the average of a set of numbers.. Thanks whoever can help!

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    Add all of the numbers together. Then divide the total by the number of numbers you have.


    28 + 35 + 44 + 20 = 127

    127 / 4 = 31.75

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    Thanks! I kept assuming that's how to do it, and I guess I was right, but wasn't sure if it was correct... Thanks Ms. Sue!! =)

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    You're welcome, Pinky.

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    you add the numbers together and divide by the how many numbers there are.
    since there are five numbers (1,2,3,4,5) you divide by 5
    3 is the average
    hope this helped!

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