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the profit made fram the sale of a dvd players from a company is found by subtracting the costs from the revenue. p=r+-c. Suppose that the companys revenue can be expressed with the function R(x)=x^2+59x and that the total costs for the company can be determined by the function, C(x)=5x+200.
Find the profit equation by substituting for R and C in the equation P=R-C
What is the profit made from selling 15 dvd players per month>
The break even values for a profit model are the values for which you earn $0 in profit. Use the equation you found in question one to solve where P=0, and find your break even values (factor the equation and solve for x)
The distance from the earth to the sun is 93 million miles. Express the distance in feet and in scientific notation (1 mile=5280 feet)

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