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Grammar and Composition

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ok, now that i have my pet peeve, i have to fill out this sheet.
(please read my earlier post for more info on the assignment)

Pet Peeve--Organizational Sheet
Audience: Who will be your audience? You must indicate an audience that your delivery is geared toward.


Topic: What is your pet peeve?

General Purpose: Indicate your general purpose for speaking?

Specific Purpose: Write your specific purpose. Complete the statement below. "I want to _____________ an audience of ____________________

Thesis Statement: Write your thesis statement.

Organization: What is your method of organization? Use chronological, spatial, or topical.

Body Points: List your body points. The number of points could be between 2 and 4 points depending on your pet peeve. These will be the points that develop in the body part of your speech.

some ex from my text

Chronological Order Example:
Audience: Sixth Graders
Topic: American Rodeo
General Purpose: Inform
Specific Purpose: I want to explain to an audience of sixth graders about the development of the American rodeo.
Thesis Statement: The rodeo has developed in three major stages.
Body Points: 1. First, rodeos began in the Old West
2. By 1920, rodeos had become popular spectator sport.
3. Today, rodeos combine traditional western events with a circus-like atmosphere.

Spatial Order Example:
Audience: Teenagers
Topic: Ancient Egyptian Burial Tomb
General Purpose: Inform
Specific Purpose: I want to explain to an audience of teenagers about the interiour design of an ancient Egyptian burial tomb
Thesis Statement: The ancient Egyptian burial tomb usually had four sections-the entrance passage, the antechamber, the treasury, and the burial chamber
Body Points: 1. The outermost section was the entrance passage
2. The next section was the antechamber
3. THe thirds section was the treasury
4. The fourth-and most important section-was the burial chamber

Topical Order Example:
Audience: Parents
Topic: Benefits of Running
Genreal Purpose: Inform
Specific Purpose: I want to explain to an audience of parents the benefits of running.
Thesis Statement: Running increases your endurance, improves your sleep pattern, and controls your weight.
Body Points: 1. Regular running increases your endurance
2. Regular running improves your sleep pattern
3. Regular running helps control your weight.

(Chronological Order: gives or lists events as they happen. Sequence of Events. Steps in a Process.
Spatial Order: organization of things according to their position in space.
Topical Order: pattern of organization in which a topic is broken down into parts.)

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    i'm not sure who the audience would be for my speech.

    since my pet peeve is my little sister, i guess the audience should be kids htat are my age so they can relate to it

    so, teenagers

    Topic: pet peeve; my little sister
    or does it have to be more specific?

    general purpose: i guess it could either be inform or entertain. it depends on how i write it

    specific purpse: I want to inform (or entertain) an audience of teenagers about how my little sister is my biggest pet peeve.


    method of organization: chronological. maybe i could explain how my day goes with her, so then chronological would be the best way to go.

    body points; not sure yet

    if somebody can check this for me, then i think i better get started on some brainstroming for my body points.

  • Grammar and Composition -

    IT might be parents also, depending what the peave is. I would be much more specfic about the peave: non respect for privacy, etc.

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