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I have to write a speech and record it on a tape.

Pet Peeve Speec
You will create a "Pet Peeve" Speech. A "Pet Peeve" is one of those little every day occurrences that bugs you, upsets you, or frustrates you. You will use the extemporaneous delivery for your speech. Your speech should be 5 minutes in length with a one-minute leeway. This means that your speech should be not shorter than 4 minutes and no longer than 6 minutes. You will need enough information to fit into this time frame. Remember to share specific examples and/or details about your pet peeve. This will best show why the behavior or situation affects you as it does. You will use the "Pet Peeve--Organizational Work Sheet" to prepare your speech. You will then transfer the information on this sheet to 4 X 6 or 5 X 8 note cards. You will return the "Pet Peeve--Organizational Work Sheet," your note cards, and the "Speech Checklist" with your recorded speech on an audiocassette to your teacher for evaluation.

Pet Peeve Example:
This is an example of a written "Pet Peeve" essay. You will not be writing your speech in essay format. You will outline your speech and deliver it by using note cards. If you read it, it will "sound" like you are reading an essay and not delivering an extemporaneous speech.

Telephone Tyranny
I get into the shower. The phone rings. I drip my way to the phone. The caller has hung up. I have an urgent call to make and hurry to a pay phone on the corner. The phone is out of order. I try a half dozen phones. They are all inoperable. After I find a phone with a dial tone, it eats my only quarter, and I dial the wrong number. The phone rings on my nightstand at 4:00 a.m. I jump a good three feet and knock the lamp off the stand on my way back to earth. A voice I never heard before wants to know if Harry is there. I don't know any Harrys.
I'm on the parkway going 65 miles an hour. I look in the rearview mirror. There's a car about to drive right through me. The driver is talking on his cellular car phone. I'm in the middle of eating dinner. The phone rings. I answer the phone. There's a recorded voice on the phone waiting to know if I'm happy with my present insurance coverage. I return to my food. The phone rings again. This time it's someone from the phone company who wants to sell me "call-waiting."

I can hear the phone ringing as I get off the elevator for my apartment. The phone keeps on ringing. I fumble for my keys, open the door, rush to the phone, and the caller has hung up. (Probably the same person who calls when I'm in the shower.)
I get an answering machine. When I get home there are six calls on the machine. I push "play" and get to listen to six dial tones after the callers have hung up without saying anything.
I call a friend at his office. A secretary tells me I can call him direct on a different extension. Would I like to hang up and make thea call again? No, I wouldn't. Okay, she will "try" to transfer my call. She tries. The next thing I hear is a dial tone.
I call a friend at home. She asks me if I'd mind holding. She has another call "coming in." I call another friend at his office. He sounds as if he were talking from the moon. He says he's using his new "speaker phone" and isn't it great?
I'm seriously thinking of taking up letter writing.

OK, so i was just introducing my new assignment.
i guess the first thing to do would be to think of a good pet peeve to write about. i will think, if anyone else has ideas please let me know.


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    Surely your sister can irritate you at times. :)

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    heyyyyy =P


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    sounds good :)

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