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What could I write in an editirial from 1773 about the Tea Act and the Boston Tea Party?

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    Wouldn't it be an opinion, either pro or con?

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    yes, but could you give an idea to help me start it, please?

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    Sure. Pretend your paper is owned by the British Governor, and he is a tad upset at the unruly rebels.

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    Thanks. That would work. But the thing is that my paper is from America and in an Americans point of view.

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    So what would an American write?

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    An American would defend the tea-partiers.

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    The Tea Act has made a huge impact on our country. I think that our country has the right to not pay tax for things such as tea, especially when the British are the ones who are taxing it. We did not want to buy the tea from the Brits, but we were not allowed to buy from the colonial merchants. I think we made a good decision of protesting the way we did. The colonists stood up for what they knew was right and what they believed in. When the British told the East Indian Company that they would help them out financially, they knew that their plan would work, but instead it had the tea get thrown into the harbor.

    *Would that be an ok editorial?

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    what else could i write?

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    Read up on how the colonists' felt about the tea act, etc. You'll think of more. Get some details in there.

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    thank you so much

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    what does a conclusion need to have in it for an essay?

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