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Consider a sample of helium and a sample of neon, both at 30ºC and 1.5atm. Both samples have a volume of 5.0 liters. Which statement concerning these samples is not true?

a- each weighs the same amount
b- each has the same # of atoms of gas
c- the density of the neon is greater than that of the helium
d- each sample contains the same # of moles of gas
e- none of the above

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    So what is your thinking? I will be happy to critique it.

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    Look at it this way.
    PV = nRT.
    So P is the same, V is the same, R is the same, T is the same; ergo, n (the number of moles) MUST be the same.
    So what does that tell you.
    Remember # moles = grams/molar mass and you know # moles is th same.

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