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Can any obstacle or disadvantage be turned into something good?

Obstacles, which are the essential part of our lives, often seem to prevent us from reaching our goals and frustrate us. Therefore, most people think that difficulties are bound to exert negative influence on us. As far as I am concerned, people can benefit from the obstacles they encounter. In deed, obstacles often makes it harder for us to succeed, but when we look back, we will find that obstacles give us valuable experience and push us to achieve greatness.
Steve Jobs, the world-famous entrepreneur, was once fired by Apple, the company he started. At that time, he was extremely frustrated. But he finally found that he still loved his job and started a new company. As a beginner free of pressure, he was more creative than ever. His new company created the world¡¯s first animated feature film and became the world¡¯s best animation studio. When he returned to Apple after Apple bought his company, what he developed in his company became the heart of Apple¡¯s renaissance. He regarded this great obstacle as the best thing happening in his life. Had he not been dismissed, he might not be able to fully exploit his potential as well as creativity and would not achieve greatness as he does now.
Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC, first served his fried chickens in his gas station in Corbin for the travelers heading to Florida. Unfortunately, after the construction of Interstate 75, which bypassed Corbin and dramatically reduced his customer traffic, he was forced to sell his properties and travel the US to sell his chicken at the age of 65. It was on the travel that he met Peter Harman. Together, they opened the first KFC outlets and in 10 years, their chickens were sold in over 600 franchised outlets in North America. If Interstate 75 was not constructed, Sanders might sell his chickens in his gas station until his death and was unlikely to develop KFC into such a big company.
The two examples above demonstrate that though obstacles adversely affect our lives contemporarily, they actually bring us benefit in the future. If it was not for the difficulties we met, we might not have the chance to improve ourselves and make greater achievements in our lives.

Please give me some advice. Thank u!

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    There are problems with verb tenses, point of view, singular/plural forms, and word choice.

    The organization and development of the paper are quite good.

    I'd give this paper a 4; it could be at least a 5 if the grammar/usage/diction errors were addressed.

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    I give it a 5.

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    Mercedes: I noticed you took the criticism we gave, and used it. Well done. Not many students do that.

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    is this good for the tsi

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    about 4-5

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