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Select the choices in which work is done by recording "yes" or "no":

1. Reese completing her chemistry homework.

2. the movers carrying Catalina's amplifier from the moving truck to her house.

3. Li pushing his motorcycle down his driveway.

4. Reese carrying several encyclopedias.

5. Catalina picking up a piece of sheet music from the floor.

6. Cory pushing a stalled car but unable to get it to move.

7. pushing a science book along a table.

Please check these(:

  • science -

    You teacher is not very precise on terms.

    2. Maybe Yes, depends on the amplifier being moved up or down. Were there steps to the house?

    3. Is the driveway level? If so, No. I have no idea what "down" the driveway means.

    6. No
    7. Yes, unless the table was frictionless, which is most unusual.

    To do work, something has to be moved against a force in the direction of movement.

  • science -

    yeah i don't really know any of the answers to your questions sorry! but thanks(:

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