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Complete the following acid-base reaction with balanced molecular, total ionic and net ionic equations:
calcium hydroxide (aq) + acetic acid (aq) ----> ?

I know that calcium hydroxide is ca(OH)2 and that acetic acid is CH3COOH. I also know that one of the products in an acid-base rxn must be H2O. Need help with the rest!

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    The formula equation is:
    Ca(OH)2 + 2HC2H3O2 --> Ca(HC2H3O2)2 + 2H2O

    HC2H3O2 and H2O are molecular substances and you do not break them up into ions.

    The ionic reaction is:
    Ca^+2(aq) + 2OH^-(aq) + 2HC2H3O2 --> Ca^+2(aq) + 2C2H3O2^-(aq) + 2 H2O

    Cancelling out the "spectator" (unchanged) ions, we get:

    2OH^-(aq) + 2HC2H3O2 --> 2C2H3O2^-(aq) + 2 H2O

    Dividing all coefficients by 2, we get:

    OH^-(aq) + HC2H3O2 --> C2H3O2^-(aq) + H2O
    We now have the net ionic equation.

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