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I think I add 1 to both sides, so now I have..


And then, to get n by itself I divide 7 into both sides, so now I have..


n=1 is what I get, but I'm not sure, could someone please check this for me?

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    No. Hang your head in shame :)
    Multiply both sides by 8
    add one to each side, then divide each side by 7

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    No ,
    first you multiply each side by 8 to get
    7n - 1= 48
    now add 1 to each side
    7n = 49
    divide both sides by 7
    n = 7

    check: in original
    ((7(7) -1 1)/6
    = (49-1)/6
    = 48/8
    = 6

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    thanks you very much,
    I wasn't sure which step I did first.:)

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