Healthy Decision Making (URGENT)

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List the possible consequences to self, others and society at large if individuals fail to act responsibly while participating in the following activities.

Mountain Climbing
Consequences to self: May have injuries such as broken body parts
Consequences to others: May cause them injuries such as broken body parts
Consequences to society: Less climbers because believe it is unsafe

Other activities: mountain biking, snowboarding, inline skating, skydiving.

All my answers for the other activities are the same as the mountain climbing one. Is that what I'm supposed to do? Or am I supposed to have different answers to each activity?

If I am supposed to have different answers, then I need help. Because the answers for mountain climbing all fit into the other activities.


  • Healthy Decision Making (URGENT) -

    You need to ask your teacher if you are "supposed to have different answers."

    Have you considered death from any of these activities? The effect of death or severe injury on friends and family members?

    Wouldn't the consequences to society include insurance costs or costs of rescue and medical care?

    I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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