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Ms. Sue I have known that you're mostly aligned with the thinking of Fran├žois-Marie Arouet. Whose pen name is Voltaire.I know that he was the most famous philosopher, who was against the church and for freedom of thought. He also believed that absolute monarchy was good for society. He alos hated injustice. If you don't mind may I ask why you agree with him?

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    Ms. Sue what does Voltaire state?

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    Don't most of those ideals explain why I agree with him?

    I do, though, disagree with his advocacy of an absolute monarchy. Absolute monarchs tend to be despotic and work against Voltaire's other ideals.

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    thanks, some of Voltaires quotes I can understand, some I try to to but it's hard. What did Voltaire actually want to state, or what did he state.

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    Sara, Voltaire lived a long time and wrote volumes. He stated many things.

    This article gives a pretty concise accountant of his philosophy.

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